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From understanding how to register and participate to navigating through the challenges ​and collaborations online, this section is designed to smooth out your journey. We're here ​to make sure you have all the information needed to enjoy this unique experience!

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Founded by Direnzic Technology, DT ​Cyber Games is an innovative source for ​events focused on cybersecurity & ​technology while being fueled by ​gamification and immersive learning. ​Learn more by joining the Cyber Games!

What is a ​hackathon?

A Hackathon is an event teams collaborate, ​innovate, and create new projects or ​solutions within a set timeframe. Whether ​you're a seasoned developer or a newcomer ​to tech, a hackathon is a thrilling experience ​that can inspire and challenge you!

Do i need a laptop ​for the hackathon?

Yes! If you are participating in the ​Hackathon, we ask that you bring a personal ​laptop making sure to bring your chargers. ​Charging stations will be provided. Please ​ensure your devices are charged and up-to-​date.

Can i register as a ​participant?

Understanding the tickets: All tickets grant ​you access to the entire event. If you are a ​college student, we request you to get a ​student ticket. If you are a professional ​looking to compete in the games, we request ​you get the professional ticket.

Can i register as a ​spectator?

Yes! If you just want to spectate, hear from ​the speakers and watch demos and ​"possibly" join the games but don't want to ​be placed on a team, we ask that you get the ​General Admission ticket.


1. Web Exploitation

2. Reconnaissance / OSINT

3. Forensics

4. Reverse Engineering

5. Cryptography


The event is open to individuals with ​varying levels of expertise, including ​students, professionals, and cybersecurity ​enthusiasts. Participants may form teams or ​compete individually.

What skills are NEEDED ​to participate?

Participants with a range of cybersecurity skills are welcome. Challenges are designed to cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced professionals. Diversity in skills is encouraged.

How do the tickets ​work?

All tickets grant you access to the entire ​event. If you are a college student, we ​request you to get a student ticket. If you are ​a professional looking to compete in the ​games, we request you get the professional ​ticket. If you just want to spectate, we ask ​that you get the General Admission ticket.

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