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Special thanks to our incredible sponsors of the DT Cyber Games! These ​trailblazers are helping transform access to technology into new ways by supporting ​this inaugural event where participants can unlock new levels of creativity and skill.

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We are dedicated to serving a diverse array of clients spanning various industries, from ​​businesses and organizations to individuals seeking robust cybersecurity solutions. Our ​clientele ​comprises forward-thinking organizations that recognize the paramount ​importance of securing ​their digital assets in today's complex threat landscape.

InfraGard Louisiana is a FBI-affiliated 501(c)3 organization whose primary mission and purpose ​is to support a bilateral information sharing partnership between the private and public sectors ​for the purpose of protecting the nation’s critical infrastructures against attacks or failure caused ​by either foreign or domestic threats.

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Our goal is to make cybersecurity education accessible and fun. We create hands-on, interactive, ​and educational capture-the-flag (CTF) events that make it easy to learn new cybersecurity skills ​by breaking down complex cybersecurity concepts into engaging challenges.

What does IBM do? We bring together all the necessary technology and services to help our ​clients solve their business problems. IBM aspires to make a lasting, positive impact on the ​world in business ethics, our environment, and the communities in which we work and live.

Vaco is an end-to-end talent and solutions partner. Our services are built to address unique ​organizational talent needs and to identify areas of opportunity for advancement and ​optimization through our managed services and other offerings.

Louisiana Tech Research Institute (LTRI) is the formal recognition of the existing and ​productive partnership efforts between Louisiana Tech University and other local and national ​partners.

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DT Cyber Games™ is a flagship program of Direnzic Technology

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